Forget the back pain! 10 tips to avoid it

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A sedentary lifestyle, and especially bad postural habits, are the main causes of back pain. Here we tell you how to avoid it.

80% of the world population will suffer back or neck problems throughout their lives. In fact, back pain is the biggest reason for absenteeism today, and the second of medical consultations. We are talking about no less than 7,000 billion people. But this universal problem is easy to prevent. Take note of these tips from the Center for Upper Back Pain Relief

1. Practice yoga, Pilates or other discipline that, always under supervision, helps you stretch and strengthen your muscles, while keeping your spine in its natural position.

2.Move: Do not be eight hours sitting in the office without getting up. It is convenient that every twenty minutes, you raise and walk, or just move for eight minutes. Whenever you can, go up the stairs.

3.Do not skimp on your work chair. It must be designed ergonomically. You must keep your back straight and pick up your lower back.

4.Learn to sit well. Always do it with your arms at the height of the table and your feet on the floor. If you do not arrive, use a footrest.

5.Maintain a good postural attitude: When walking and standing. That is, it has a straight back, shoulders perpendicular and the gut inwards.

6.Eye with the heels: Wear them with moderation: not only modify the position of the foot, but do the same with the whole body, by moving the weight of it forward, following the shape of the shoe.

7.Try not to take processed and refined foods: Sugars, trans fats, as well as precooked foods. Not only do they get fat, they also affect your overall health. It is a vicious circle. We get sick and the back is affected, then the Upper Back Pain alters us more.

8.Keep stress at bay. In the back many worries are somatized and we transform in pain many negative emotions and problems. Find your daily minutes of silence and try to meditate.

9. Control the children. The spine is also affected by genetic diseases of different origin such as kyphosis or scoliosis. Prevent is cure.

10. Be prudent and avoid accidents. Do not throw your head in shallow places, keep the safe distance and use the regulatory protections if you practice risky sports.