Flotation in sensory isolation, or relaxation in weightlessness

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Flotation in sensory isolation was born in the United States in the 1950s under the name “Floating Therapy”. The practice boomed in the 1980s especially with artists and athletes who wanted to improve their abilities in their discipline. This method of relaxation tends to experience the feeling of weightlessness.

It is by being floated in a box of salt water that the subject is immersed in an advanced relaxation process . It is indeed placed in a cocoon far from the sound and visual sensory pollutions, recalling the condition of the fetus before birth. Thanks to this isolation, the subject will be able to refocus on himself, on his feelings and his inner self. The conditions are optimal to disconnect from the outside world and thus to relax.

How it works ?

The principle is simple. The subject is lying in the box filled with Epsom salt water. Rich in sulfur and magnesium, this salt remineralizes the body, detoxify and relax by relieving muscle and joint pains. It also has healing properties, soothes inflammation, improves concentration and sleep. Thanks to the earplugs, the water is not likely to enter the auditory organ and allows a better sensory isolation.  You can get this service at Melbourne float pod sessions at cheap rates.

This rupture protects the brain from external stimuli like noise, stress and immerses the subject in a state of meditation and / or deep relaxation. Water is at body temperature, the sensations on the surface of the skin are almost nonexistent favoring the sensation of weightlessness. Indeed, floating, gravity is reduced by 80% . Thanks to flotation, the brain – which works constantly to keep the body in balance – is soothed.

What are the benefits?

Flotation in sensory isolation is today considered one of the most effective relaxation techniques. The deep relaxation of the body it causes has many benefits, starting with the improvement of the immune system by stimulating the production of T cells (white blood cells). Flotation meditation is also responsible for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and is a natural anti-depressant . It reduces anxiety, fear and distress.