Five Tips to Prolong Your Tan

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Find all Tanoholic tips to keep a tanned complexion for a long time.

To moisturize your skin

It is very important to moisturize your skin after exposure to the sun and even long after. This makes it possible to avoid peeling and having the effect “lizard skin”. The better it is treated, the more the skin will keep the tan.

You can opt for an after-sun cream or your classic moisturizer if it is rich. Some are slightly tinted to boost the tan and shine the skin. To note: to be well hydrated, it also means to drink a lot of water.


Consume foods based on beta-carotene

An effective tip to keep it looking good is to eat foods rich in beta-carotene in sufficient quantities. This vitamin has the ability to give the skin a color very close to that of tanning.

The foods rich in beta-carotene are: carrots (raw, cooked or juiced), dandelion, parsley, chervil, apricots (dry), the pumpkin, lamb’s lettuce, spinach.


Opt for a progressive self-tanning cream

To keep your tan, while making sure that it looks natural, you can also use the artificial, provided you do not overuse it.

Some moisturizing creams provide a gradual tan. You can also opt for self-tanning showers but this will look less natural and will be more expensive.


Take dietary supplements

Some food supplements can prolong the tan. They are usually rich in beta-carotene and come in capsules to swallow daily.


Maintain with UV sessions

To prolong your tan, it is also possible to use punctual UV. No question therefore to do 3 or 4 sessions per week. Only one over a period of 7 days should be enough because it is only an interview. (We remind you that excess UV is dangerous for health and that it promotes the development of skin cancers).


Let nature do

But you can also wait until next summer to restore a tanning complexion. After all, from October, most people are pale and the porcelain complexion also has its charm when it is in season.

If you really cannot do without your tan, go on vacation in hot countries! Some destinations allow you to bask on the hot sand!