Find a Doctor and Other Health Services in USA

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You are new to Florida and you need health care. How to precede, who to contact, what are your options?

This will depend on the need of the moment because, during your journey, you will probably have to face different situations. For example, you need to find a family doctor or you are seriously injured or you need medical advice on the field etc. Consult with MD will tell you how to proceed, based on multiple scenarios.

You want to find a family doctor

Here are some suggestions for finding a doctor:

Register for the Care Access Program

If you do not currently have a family doctor, the Care Access Program, set up by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, can help you. It is used to refer people who do not have health care providers to physicians and / or nurses who are accepting new patients in their community. To qualify, you must already have an OHIP card. You can register for Care Access by phone. When you register for Care Access, a nurse will help you to find a health care provider in your area.

Use the online doctor search tool

This tool allows you to search for a doctor, pediatrician or specialist. Although the College’s website is available in English only, the tool also allows you to search for physicians who offer their services in French and other languages, in the city or town where you live.

Use Click-Health to find a doctor

The Click-Health website offers an online directory that allows you to search for doctors and other Francophone health services by entering your postal code.

Search the Yellow Pages

This Yellow Pages tool allows you to search by typing “Physicians and Surgeons” and then your city, zip code etc.

You need to see a doctor right away or after closing hours

  • Walk-in clinics are for people who need immediate, simple, non-emergency health care. Normally, their opening hours are extended in the evening and they remain open at the end of the week. If you need to see a doctor in these circumstances, you can go to these clinics. You can find walk-in clinics near you by visiting the Directory of Online Medical Services provided by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
  • Community Health Centers also provide primary health services outside of normal business hours. To find the nearest community health center, you can use the same Medical Services Directory listed above by clicking on Community Health Centers and entering your city, street or postal code.