DOT Physical Exams procedures and Requirements – Step by Step

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Regular health checkups are necessary for everyone whether you prefer your medical test once or twice in a year. These checkups includes some physical tests regular tests. The purpose is to find any virus or issue in your health before it harm your body and make a severe issue for your health and life. For these regular medical tests you choose some specified doctors or physicians in your area where you live.  Department of Travelling also known as DOT, its physical exam is needed to get specific types of driving licenses like commercial or any other type of heavy and bigger size vehicles driving licenses. These license required DOT certified physical tests also known as DOT drug screening or DOT physical exams. If you are from Denver then I would recommend you to take services from DOT Physical Exams Denver, I am sure you will treated more quickly than any other and in affordable cost.  Now let’s discus the types of DOT tests and their requirements.

DOT Physical Exam:

Everyone needs to bring:

State-issued photo ID. Best option is your driver’s license.

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following…

You also need to bring:

Do you need to wear contact lenses or glasses while doing your job?

Bring glasses. Bring contact lenses if you wear them.

Do you need to use a hearing aid?

Bring a working hearing aid.

Do you have a Waiver, SPE, or an Exemption for vision or diabetes?

Bring the Federal Waiver, SPE Certificate, or Exemption Certificate.

Do you now have, or have you had, any illness or injury treated by a primary care physician?

Bring “Medical Release” documentation from that physician.

DOT Alcohol / Drug Testing:

Alcohol Testing

1. You need to spit out any gum or cigarette that you have got in the mouth area such that it does not have an impact on the grade of testing.

2. The tester will administer 1 of 2 types of exams: the saliva test or a breathing alcohol test.

3. If you’re planned for a breathing alcohol test, you’ll be instructed by the tester to “empty your bronchi” in to the disposable tube mounted on the breath alcoholic beverages testing unit. A brand new tube can be used for each and every person; the pipes aren’t re-used and sterilized. Once you’ve finished breathing in to the unit, it shall beep, and the tester can visit a digital reading of the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level.

4. If you’re slated for a saliva liquor test, you’ll be instructed by the tester to put in a saliva equipment into the mouth area for 60 mere seconds. Once enough saliva is gathered, the tester will be able to browse the set and determine the BAC level.

5. In case the results of your liquor test are above the satisfactory level (based mostly after your organization) you will get a confirmation test quarter-hour following the original test was implemented. In the event the BAC continues to be above the satisfactory level, your consequence will be considered a fail.

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