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The determination of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is the most sensitive parameter for the diagnosis of hypothyroidism. Its elevation is indicative that the thyroid function is insufficient. This phenomenon occurs before the levels of thyroid hormones begin to drop in the blood.

Generally, in established hypothyroidism, in addition to the elevation of TSH, there is a decrease in T4. The level of T3 is often within normal limits. It can be accompanied by a determination of T4 and anti-thyroid antibodies if you want to know if the cause is due to autoimmunity phenomena.

If there is a goiter, it may be convenient to perform a thyroid ultrasound.

When there is suspicion of alterations in the development of the gland or enzyme deficiency, it may be useful to obtain a thyroid scan. If a diagnosis of hypothyroidism of autoimmune cause is confirmed, it is usual to evaluate the association of alterations in other glands such as the adrenal, parathyroid or gonad.

What treatments do we do?

The treatment of hypothyroidism involves the replacement of the production of the thyroid gland. The most stable and effective way to achieve this is to administer thyroxine (T4), since it has a long life and in the organism it becomes part of T3, so it is not necessary to replace the latter hormone.

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Once the appropriate dose is established by the doctor, the controls that allow adjustment are based on the clinical evaluation and determination of T4 and TSH.

With a few exceptions, established primary hypothyroidism is a chronic condition, which requires life-long treatment. However, with the appropriate dose, hypothyroid patients do not have any limitation for their activities.

The deficit of thyroid hormones is especially important in children since they are essential for normal mental development and growth so that in all newborn children is an analysis to confirm the proper functioning of the thyroid and if necessary to start treatment immediately.