Cosmetic Dentist in Baton Rouge Provides Patients with Improved Services

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Dr. William B. Grand, Baton Rouge cosmetic dentist, announces the availability of a number of highly effective and innovative cosmetic treatments for residents who want to improve their “smile power.”

BATON ROUGE, LA – A smile can be a powerful and beautiful thing. It has the power to inspire everything from business deals to great relationships. Dr. William B. Grand of Grand Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge knows this truth very well. He sees numerous clients every year who want to improve their teeth, which is why he is happy to offer comprehensive cosmetic treatment services to patients in the area.

Cosmetic dentistry includes any procedure that improves the overall appearance of the teeth. The purpose is to improve the looks of the patient’s smile. However, cosmetic dentistry may also have positive effects on the overall health of a patient. Some people have trouble eating, speaking and conducting normal lives simply due to the positioning of their teeth (or lack of teeth) and don’t even realize it. Unfortunately, many people simply aren’t happy with the looks or function of their teeth but don’t know what to do about it.

There are numerous cosmetic dental procedures that Baton Rouge cosmetic dentist Dr. Grand performs every day. One of the most common patient goals is to have a straighter smile. Many people have problems with crowding, overbites, underbites, gaps, and spacing. These issues can be resolved with classic braces, Invisalign, veneers and similar treatments or devices.

Other patients have issues with missing teeth, which can be resolved using dentures, crowns, bridges and dental implants. And of course the color of the teeth is always a major concern for patients. Dr. Grand, cosmetic dentist in Baton Rouge, offers teeth whitening services to restore the pearly white teeth that patients were born with.

“My goal is simple: to have each of my patients leave my chair feeling and looking like $1 million bucks. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a Hollywood smile. There are plenty of modern solutions available for teeth straightening, covering whitening and replacement,” said Dr. Grand, a Baton Rouge cosmetic dentist.

Patients must consult with the doctor to discover which services are right for their unique needs. To schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry, patients are encouraged to visit and contact the office for an appointment today. Ask about the current specials offered for new patients.

About Grand Family Dentistry: At Grand Family Dentistry, Dr. Grand is a dentist in Baton Rouge, provide excellent care in a comfortable environment.  Dr. Grand has led and trained all of his associates and staff to be compassionate, giving and exceptional people. Grand Family Dentistry is one of the few offices in the Baton Rouge area that work with patients financially to make sure that they all receive the treatment they need regardless of cost. They strive to educate their patients first so they understand their treatment and ways they can improve their lives through prevention. Grand family dentistry also offers sleep apnea treatment in Baton Rouge and in Mandeville for patients who have a hard time getting numb or with high anxiety.