Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs – Importance of Certified Wellness Coach

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Health promotion programs are one of the many ways for organizations to encourage their staff members to become healthier individuals.  The ways that staff members behave, eat, and live inside and outside of the workplace directly affects their work ethics, productivity, and psychological health.

Corporations can hope that their staff have healthful habits, but unless action is taking place and health promotion programs are created, the company is not taking an active role in gaining healthier and more productive staff.

While the physical attributes of a worker are often most noticeable, often overlooked is the staff member’s mental health, which is just as important as physical health.

One way that businesses can include psychological health in their health promotion programs is to provide inexpensive alternatives or assistance with psychological health and counselling services.

Stress can also be relieved by massage therapy, which is a benefit that companies can offer as an incentive.

Physical health also directly relates to mental health; as people who are in better physical health normally find that physical exercise helps to alleviate stress.

Businesses can encourage physical fitness by permitting personnel to take short breaks to go for a walk, discounts on health and fitness centre memberships, and informational meetings to give tips and ideas about keeping in shape.

A lot of businesses also offer lunchtime classes such as group exercise or yoga in order to encourage mid-day exercise. Some businesses even offer contests with prizes for employees who lose the most weight over a reasonable amount of time.

While physical health is sometimes more obvious than mental health, mental health often has a greater effect on staff members. Without wellness programs and encouragement to remain mentally healthful, staff members are more likely to become stressed.

And when a staff member is stressed, burned out, or distracted by personal issues, that staff member becomes less productive and a greater financial burden on the company.

Recommend Corporate Wellness certification for your Corporate Leaders

A successful health promotion program begins with company leaders. Corporation owners should lead by example, taking part in their organization’s employee exercise program and working closely with a wellness coach.

You can take an online corporate wellness coaching course or recommend your corporate leaders to take certification so that they can create wellness programs for their company and implement it in the right way. I always recommend Spencer Institute for the corporate wellness coach certification, as their training is up-to-dated, 100% online with amazing on-going support.

Start a Wellness Program for Your Employees Today

The benefits of starting a health promotion program are many.

A few employee wellness tips to get personnel started on the path to a healthier lifestyle –

  • Look around, and determine when personnel lead a healthy lifestyle before starting an employee wellness program.
  • Exactly how many employees dash outside during lunchtime for a smoke break?
  • Would a tobacco use cessation program help?
  • Precisely how often do the junk food-laden vending machines have to be replenished?
  • Is anybody exercising or taking benefit of local walking trails as part of their healthy living goals?

The answers to these questions will give businesses a better idea of the worker wellness program that’s right for them.

  • Survey employees to determine their healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Are they exercising regularly?
  • Eat three square meals a day?

Have regular physicals? Really? Then what planet are they on?

Because we’d love to visit! A health promotion program benefits most businesses because workers do not have the time or energy to stay on top of wellness concerns at work or when they leave the office to go home.

  • Give health promotion programs a big kick-off with a healthy living “fair.” Provide employees free flu shots, blood pressure (BP) checks, cholesterol screenings, body/fat ratio assessments, use of tobacco cessation programs and free mammograms- and contact the local hospital, because there’s plenty more where this came from.
  • Businesses keep their personnel hopping during the week. Give personnel a chance to amp up their healthy lifestyle on the company dime. A wellness program is an added benefit that personnel get for working for the company!
  • Incent to live- offer cash for the workforce to lose weight, commit to use of tobacco cessation program and normally enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
  • Make certain to encourage humankind’s innate competitive nature by offering prizes for wellness worker “winners.” And, encourage a healthier lifestyle by sponsoring staff who want to enter a local amount for a charity race, run a marathon or play a sport.

Wellness Programs

Small corporation health promotion programs are catching on. A well-designed health promotion program can increase productivity, increase morale and vitality, reduce stress, reduce rates of absenteeism, and control avoidable healthcare costs within an organization.

The beauty of it’s that you’re simply helping personnel to make smart options so the costs of beginning a wellness program are minimal compared to the benefits.

Employee health is a major concern for small organization owners. In a small shop, even a few sick staff members can disrupt the flow of the workplace and bring the operation to a standstill.

Instead of sitting back and hoping for the best, some owners are taking the matter of employee health into their own hands by starting employee wellness programs. Here is how they work . . .

Overview of worker health promotion programs

Employee health promotion programs are programs initiated by the business to improve the overall health of their labor force and to help individual workforce overcome specific health-related hurdles.

These health promotion programs could be offered in a variety of formats –  In mandatory staff training sessions, as voluntary seminars, or through a third-party provider offering a wide range of employee assistance programs.

In every case, nevertheless, the employer foots the bill for the health promotion programs because an investment in worker health is a company investment that directly impacts the organization’s bottom line.

Why offer employee health promotion programs?

Apart from the obvious concern for the health of your personnel, there are a few other reasons why employee health promotion programs make sense for small companies. Right off the bat, your corporation will benefit from the reduced level of absenteeism that goes hand in hand with a healthy workforce.

Since even a minor blip in employee attendance can have a large impact on a small corporation, a more reliable workforce will inevitably translate into a smoother work cycle and a more robust bottom line.

Wellness Program Features

Health promotion programs can cover a broad range of health-related topics. Based on your employees’ needs, it’s entirely up to you to determine the kind of health promotion programming you want to offer.

Nevertheless, most employee health promotion programs offer some at least some health promotion programs in the following areas –

Nutrition. Diet can significantly impact a worker’s ability to do their job effectively. Nutritional programs educate the workforce about food options and equip them to make healthy dietary options.

Fitness. In addition to diet, exercise is an important factor in a healthful lifestyle. Wellness programs frequently provide personnel with opportunities to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

Smoking Cessation. Statistics prove that smokers tend to fall ill more frequently than their non-use of tobacco peers. Since sick employees disrupt the workplace, use of tobacco cessation programs is a no-brainer for both corporations and employees.

Physiological Testing. Many companies offer physiological as a regular part of their wellness programs.

Stress Management. Stress itself takes a toll on staff members. Nevertheless, stress is also linked to other health problems like depression, cardiovascular illness, diabetes, and obesity. Wellness programs that help staff members deal with stress improve not only the psychological health of your staff members but their physical health as well.