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  • Guide on How to Become a Personal Trainer in 2022

    If you enjoy being in shape and have maintained physical fitness as a lifestyle, while enjoying helping others to achieve their own physical fitness goals, then you may want to think about becoming a personal trainer. It’s not difficult to learn how to become a personal fitness trainer, but you should be motivated by a desire […]

  • How to Get a Six Pack – Physique Training for a Scintillating Body

    A lot of individuals always dream and desire on how to get a six-pack and perfect body physique. Well, this is because some people are very unfortunate and they have always been having fats in their tummy. Fortunately, there are many ways on how to get a perfect body shape fast. Here are effective ways. How […]

  • Fitness Benefits of Kettlebell Exercises and Kettlebell Training for Newbies

    All right, who put the handle on the cannonball, and why? It’s not a cannonball, it’s a kettlebell! So just what exactly is a kettlebell? It is a really quite a basic piece of training hardware, looking much like a cast iron ball with a handle attached. They have developed in Russia centuries ago and […]

  • Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Training Model

    Physical exercise with an encouraging group of like-minded people can increase your fitness as well as improve your mental health. That is why PURSUIT training Fitness model is committed to healthy lifestyle changes through innovative physical exercise in a stimulating environment! Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Training: Whether you are a beginner or an avid fitness […]

  • Speed and Agility Training to Achieve Acceleration

    Acceleration training has been gaining a lot of creditability in the past couple of years. Acceleration training can be a great tool for gaining speed and quickness especially when it is incorporated into a speed and agility training program. There are many ways to perform acceleration training drills or exercises. Treadmill One exercise is to use […]

  • Heart Rate Performance Training: Necessity or Convenience

    If you are intending to start a fitness program, you need to understand that it is not only the amount of workout or exercise that you do that can help you achieve your goals but the intensity of the workout that you get. Intensity can be best described as how your heart is working during […]

  • Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs – Importance of Certified Wellness Coach

    Health promotion programs are one of the many ways for organizations to encourage their staff members to become healthier individuals.  The ways that staff members behave, eat, and live inside and outside of the workplace directly affects their work ethics, productivity, and psychological health. Corporations can hope that their staff have healthful habits, but unless […]

  • Youth Sports and Life Training Certifications to make your Career as Coach

    When training young athletes, fundamentals are the building blocks.  Fundamental skill work at an early age can play a crucial role in the success of any athlete.  Ask any pro about their journey to the top and you will hear words like hard work, desire and dedication.  For many pro athletes,  their road to success […]

  • Become a Master of Creating successful Health and Wellness Programs

    Health and wellness programs are catching on. A well-designed wellness program can increase productivity, improve morale and vitality, reduce stress, reduce absenteeism, and control avoidable health care costs. The beauty of it is that you’re simply assisting people to make smart options so the costs of implementing a wellness program are minimal compared to the […]

  • Kickboxing Training with Muay Thai Equipment and Martial Arts

    Kickboxing can be a fun and enjoyable way to improve your confidence, self-discipline, self-defence skills and all elements of your fitness including your stamina, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. As the most popular self-defence method in America an many other countries, kickboxing training has been praised for its defensive qualities, but other traits not to […]