Brazilian Butt Lift vs Butt Implants

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The female bum is the symbol of aesthetic femininity par excellence, because a crisp round bottom attracts the most men and women’s looks. Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implants are two famous procedures to get this look.


The Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is not only a butt-enlargement, but models the whole figure. Here, dietary fat pads are sucked off and the autologous fat is used for Po molding.

The aesthetic operation consists of two steps.

First, areas such as the abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs where there is too much fat are prepared with the special tumescent local anesthetic to then suck fat from it. The appropriate sites are locally anaesthetized with a highly diluted anesthetic solution that is injected into the tissue in larger quantities. For suction, a vibrating cannula is inserted into the skin over several small cuts. The doctor shakes off excess fat cells between subcutaneous tissue and musculature and sucks them off. This changes the silhouette in the first step.

In the following second step, the aspirated grease for figure modeling is injected again. In this case, for example, the lateral or central regions are filled at the Po, where great attention must be paid to the lines on the hips. This creates the desired female form.

The risks of having a Brazilian Butt Lift in the Aesthetic Center are extremely low. Nevertheless, we would like to inform you about possible unwanted reactions of your body. You will receive detailed information about the risks during your joint first meeting in the Aesthetics Center.

As unique as every human being is, so individually tailored to him must be the respective treatment. Accordingly, the prices can be different.

Butt implants

Now, when a woman is too thin, or she does not have enough fat or skin to perform Brazilian surgery, fat transfer may not be a viable option.

When the fat is transferred, up to 50 percent of this fat will melt during the first year. Because of this, many women are simply not good candidates for a Brazilian butt lift surgery.

The second option, therefore, is to perform silicone buttock implants. These implants made of semi-solid silicone must be very strong so as not to break and allow the silicone to flow inside the body.

The implants are inserted through a small incision near the coccyx (usually hidden in the cleft between the buttocks), and placed under or inside the gluteus maximus muscle. By placing the implants inside or under the muscle, they are less visible and are unlikely to move over time.

One thing to keep in mind about buttock implants: these silicone implants can only be inserted into the upper buttocks. Since the insertion of implants in the lower part of the buttocks can cause nerve damage.

Consequently, additional injections of fat are often required to achieve the full, rounded shape that is usually sought.