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The psychogenealogy was created in France at the University of Nice by Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger who developed this concept in Aïe my ancestors (1993, 15th enlarged edition 2005) This theme was re-explained in 2007 in ” Psychogenealogy Healing family injuries and to find oneself, Paris, Payot, October 24, 2007 “.
It is a word which the public has seized since then and that cover very diversified practices without relation with the original concept, with the effectiveness sometimes questionable, even dangerous because practiced by amateurs or autodidacts.

The psycho clinic is both an art and a science, it takes a long time to learn to work around under control and always complete knowledge. However, If you want to go for certification on Psychogenealogy distance training course I will recommend you Agoracademie.
It is difficult to learn to see everything and hear everything with the third eye, the third ear, and the sixth sense, see the seventh.
It is also difficult to learn to be silent and not to interpret wildly, but to intervene, sometimes quickly, wisely.

Anne has few students trained in few cities and few countries (for Argentina, see Spanish page ). She receives directly in Paris, and sometimes during the holidays in Haute Savoie (France). A few well-trained students who have become colleagues, in particular: Colette Estmandjo (Grenoble), Barbara Couvert (Normandy), Evelyne Bissone Jeufroy (Paris, Bueños Aires), Hans Georg Fahrner (La Trinité in the Antilles, soon Strasbourg), Armelle Thomas-Benesse Paris ), Eric Stern (Switzerland), Monica Zuretti (Argentina and Italy).

We address family secrets, the unspoken, the “birthday syndrome”, the pleasant or tragic family rehearsals, the “invisible loyalties”, the level of education, the economic level, the alliances, breaks, uprooting, family transfers, in a work done with a clinical therapist (doctor, psychologist or psychoanalyst, sometimes a specialist of “clinical sociology”, a “clinical nurse”, specially trained …) or a family therapist, analytical or systemic, or trained in transgenerational transmission.

Family transmission is often conscious, clear, spoken: intergenerational links. It is too often involuntary, unconscious, biased, hidden, killed, deformed, and tied to the secret, to the unspoken. (undeveloped transgenerational links).

The family often chooses to keep secret about tragic or difficult events: “It is for your good”; the secret 1 “” generation is ignored in 2 e -generation, it puts a little uncomfortable: it is buried as a “Crypt” and becomes like a “ghost”; haunting, quest, pain, nightmares, severe illness, accidents birthdays … The secret is indirectly manifested in the 3rd generation and often for more than a century in transgenerational links …

“Invisible family loyalties” are treated by the “true word” (as Francoise Dolto says) and by the psychotherapy related to the psycho-family history and its real or imaginary facts and by symbolic remedial actions, which allow finishing the “unfinished stains” (mourning in particular) to close the “Gestalt” and thus to stop the painful or harmful repetitions.

We search for his personal and family life history, psycho-genealogical. It is often interesting to work for a long time once in a mini-group of two to three unknown people, over two or three consecutive days because the memory of one often opens up memory in others.