Best First Aid Training Courses in High Wycombe

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Under Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, employers have a legal and moral obligation to provide their staff with adequate first aid cover and training to make sure that, should an employee become injured or taken ill whilst in the workplace, they receive immediate attention from a qualified first aider.

I highly recommend you to check first aid courses at High Wycombe because the trainers are credible, experienced former military instructors. First Aid Courses Somerset provides flexible, practical training solutions for real-world situations.

First Aid Courses can tailor First Aid training with specific scenarios and case studies. This can be focused on the issues your staff face in their role. These could also include:

  • Lone working
  • Mental Health and challenging behaviour
  • Treating people in their homes
  • First Aid Training for Schools
  • Emergency First Aid Courses
  • Caring for people with dementia
  • Treating people with learning disabilities
  • Assessing children and young adults


As well as a legal requirement that every employer provides adequate training for their staff, an emergency first aid course allows you the opportunity to prevent minor injuries and accidents from becoming critical issues. From both a health and safety perspective, as well as an economic one, this provision ensures a happier working environment – not to mention the morale boost that comes from the workers.


A legal requirement of a business owner is to undertake a ‘health check’ or risk assessment of their workplace to in order to identify potential dangers or risks to those working in that environment.


In many cases, having an individual present who knows how to use a defibrillator (or AED machine), should somebody undergo cardiac arrest, can literally mean the difference between life and death. If defibrillation can take place within 5 minutes of the casualty has stopped breathing – and, within that time, CPR is performed – the chance of survival is 75%.


Whilst some accidents in the workplace can’t be prevented, many could be by simply having a better understanding of health and safety practices.


Any accident or emergency can be stressful and upsetting – but never more so than when it involves a child. Our one and two-day pediatric first aid courses provide you with the essential skills to react accordingly, safely, and confidently to prevent a minor issue from turning into a major one.


Contact with hazardous substances is something that most people will experience at some point during their working lives – and it’s usually more often than we think. Knowing the dangers of those substances, as well as how to handle them, is what can make the difference between safe usage and a potentially fatal accident. COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) training provides you with this critical knowledge.


No matter what precautions we take to keep our employees safe in the workplace, accidents can – and will – happen. Knowing how to handle the situation when it occurs, however, is what makes all the difference. Providing you with the necessary skills to handle an accident or emergency safely and confidently, this course offers the highest level of first aid training normally undertaken in the workplace.

These are just a few types of first aid training. You can check near your area to find professional courses that are suitable for your organization. Share this information with all your fellows and friends to spread the knowledge via social media. I will be back soon with more interesting tips. Cheers 😉