Fitness Benefits of Kettlebell Exercises and Kettlebell Training for Newbies

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All right, who put the handle on the cannonball, and why?

It’s not a cannonball, it’s a kettlebell!

So just what exactly is a kettlebell? It is a really quite a basic piece of training hardware, looking much like a cast iron ball with a handle attached. They have developed in Russia centuries ago and used widely by the Soviet armed forces for their physical fitness training programs. Now recently they have seen a revival in popularity as more people appreciate the tremendous advantages they have over and above other kinds of fitness training.

This advantage lies in the combination of multiple fitness benefits provided by working out with these kettlebells.

Benefits such as:

  • Increased endurance and stamina
  • Better core strength and stability
  • More strength and controlled power
  • Improved balance, coordination, and flexibility

A further advantage is that the kettlebell movements by their very nature bring about a total body exercise routine. They work multiple muscles all at once and maybe repeated continually for several minutes.

Here are some basic benefits:

Quick Effects:

Kettlebell exercises are so effective in burning calories, building muscle, and toning the body that you’ll quite possibly see payoffs in as little as four 30-minute workouts.


You get strength training, a cardio workout, and flexibility training – all in the very same workout.


You are able to swing a kettlebell practically anywhere. In your bedroom, in the living room, in the garage. You’ll never need to shell out money for another expensive gym membership.


Everyone can take advantage of a kettlebell. No matter if you’re a man or woman, an athlete or TV viewing lazy-bones, slender or overweight. And anybody can benefit and increase their fitness levels by making use of kettlebells.

Of course, some kettlebells are styled up a bit with colored vinyl coatings, but they’re all still basically a heavy piece of iron with a handle attached.

Which may lead one to ask about what is so special about these kettlebells.  Well, it’s not the bell itself, it is what you do with it that makes it so effective. The movements and the motions of the exercises with the bells are what make them so unique and effective.

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Kettlebell Training for Newbies

Kettlebell training has many advantages for the newbie and advanced trainer alike as they can easily be used to advance roughly any element of your fitness. That’s right, the humble kettlebell is able to help drop a dress size, generate 6 pack abs, boost total body strength, muscular endurance, power and explosiveness at the same time.

Kettlebells are likewise at home in forging a more robust, more fit cardio system while efficiently affecting the balance and overall flexibility across the joints.

Among the primary features for the newbie kettlebeller is that the training exercises may be done in the convenience of your very own home, garden or outside in the park. This can save you considerable cash as there is basically no need for costly gym expenses. A single or pair of kettlebells is all that is necessary for the most effective exercise session you’ve ever had.

So just what is it that makes training with these kettlebells so powerful?

When you take hold of a kettlebell, the centre of gravity is external to the palm of the hand thereby forming a pivot point. Increased loads are put on the body as it tries to absorb and stabilize the momentum of the bell before developing force to move the kettlebells in some other direction.

Compared to the standard sort of workout program you may have encountered at the gym, where isolation exercises on comfy equipment are common, kettlebell workouts are composed of whole-body exercises that are executed standing and for this reason entail high amounts of stability.

Kettlebell training sessions can train the inexperienced lifter how to control their movements and learn ways to move effectively as a complete unit while efficiently affecting balance, control and core strength.

As a result of the sheer amount of muscle groups utilized when doing kettlebell training, the body consumes loads of energy, which translates to huge numbers of calories burned. Additionally, if adequate exercise intensity is applied metabolic rate will be able to remain markedly heightened for several hours following a kettlebell training session translating to increased opportunity for fat loss and nutrient assimilation.

In advance of engaging in a kettlebell workout there are two primary points to consider:

Use a bell that is relatively weighty:

The success of kettlebells hinges on having to work hard against resistance. That means for the most part women ought to be starting with an 8kg bell, whereas men should be their exercises at 14kg, and if at all possible 16kg. Don’t be persuaded by the adverts on TV to acquire a 2-4kg bell, they are next to useless!

Make sure you get the exercise technique correct from the beginning!

It is strongly recommended that you get to know how to use kettlebells under the careful eye of a qualified trainer. Kettlebell training is rather technical and therefore should certainly be respected and figured out properly. The risk of injury is higher if the exercise is performed incorrectly. Don’t ignore this.

What might a newbies kettlebell training workout look like?

Take a look at this video of a good beginner’s workout.