Become a doctor: missions, qualities and training

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If you wish to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor, here is how to access this job by following the steps and practices recommended by Windsor Caribbean Medical School!

What are the missions of a doctor?

The general doctor or medical specialist is responsible for treating his patients. From the small boo to the most complex disease, he takes care of the diagnosis, the prescriptions, the follow-up, the orientation towards confreres or structures, etc. His responsibilities are heavy because he must do everything to make the patient feel better and heal.

The doctor can be generalist or specialized in a field in surgery, anesthetist, gynecology, cardiologist, ophthalmology, neurology, gastroenterology, radiologist, dentistry, etc.

Where does he practice?

He works in the hospital environment in a department such as pediatrics, geriatrics or odontology to name a few paramedical branches.

Occupational medicine is also important and is managed by occupational health services.  After practicing in a hospital, it is not uncommon for graduates to become liberal doctors at the head of their practice.

It is also possible to devote to clinical research when one is a medical doctor.

Skills and qualities to acquire

The qualities of a good doctor are his patience, his professionalism, his ability to detect problems and his sense of humanity. The doctor obviously has a lot of medical knowledge, his training gave him all the keys to diagnose and treat a patient. He must also keep abreast of developments in the medical field, new treatments, etc.

How to become a doctor?

The job of a doctor depends on the ministry of health. It is mandatory to have a state diploma in order to practice as a liberal or in the hospital public service.

To become a doctor, there is only one pathway: university medical studies. You will first have to go through a First Year Common to Health Studies. Because of the numerous clauses restricting the amount of students, the PACES ends with an entrance examination and a ranking that allows to select the best students to pursue medical studies.

You will then go into 8 years of study to become a general practitioner and 10 years to become a specialist. The dentist is 8 years old and the pharmacist 9, PACES includes. The training takes place in university faculties. You will be able to study at a lower cost. Attention medical studies and especially the PACES require a lot of personal work and investment. Those who come to the end are usually the most passionate and the most assiduous.