Which is Bathing Method is Healthier: Bath or Shower?

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You are a health-conscious individual so have you ever stopped to wonder which bathing method is the healthiest? Should you be taking a bath or should you be taking a shower? Does it even matter which one you do just as long as you are bathing yourself? The one you choose will probably be the one you have the most time for. According to an article, when it comes to bathing, most people will stick with whatever works best for them without considering if there are doing it correctly. With this thought in mind, would you want to know if one is better than the other? So, what are the benefits of each of these bathing methods? The benefits of showering include: it takes less time, showering is effective, you have the option to use hot and cold (hydrotherapy), and feels great to have water massaging you. What about the benefits of taking a bath? The benefits of taking a bath in a tub are: may reduce pain, helps your circulation, and it is relaxing to soak in a tub. In another article, it suggested that taking a bath might be far more superior to taking a shower. Remember, way back in ancient times, baths were all people had. However, in today’s penny pinching society, most people believe that showering uses less water than baths. Does showering use less water than bath tubs? It really depends on how quick of a shower you take or if you have a shower head that lets you control how much water is coming out. Bath time is a great time to relax and is well worth taking one if you have access to a bath tub. The growing trend is the removal of the bath tub and turning it into a shower only method. Which method is healthier? As long as you are doing one of the other then you are heading off in the right direction.

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