Baby Jumpers: Is It safe and do help babies to walk?

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It could be a little intense for you as a new time mom when your husband is working outside for lots of hours. So you’re home alone with your baby and trying to make as much time as possible to take care of them, especially when they’re about to make the first foot on the ground.

Well. As a newcomer to the motherhood, you would be as attentive as you can so before your kid stands up you may want to consider to help them to get ready for it.

So getting your baby the best baby jumper would be a great choice to get’em to exercise their little soft feet by moving the wheel everywhere. And then get ready to walk. That way you get yourself some space to take care of your other chores and duties when your kid is entertaining.

So does jumpers really help your baby to walk? The answer is a big yes, studies have proven that babies who use a walker learn how to walk about thirty days later than those who don’t.

Usually, babies learn how to walk by watching others, and it’s always theoretical but with the use of a walker, they get more information and practice to get enough experienced before they walk.

Walkers could be a source of worry, cause when you’re focused on your chores and duties, the kid would be moving around with their other helping feet which could get them anywhere in the house looks interesting for them. Click here to read health & fitness tips.

So, Is the use of Baby Jumper Safe?

The answer would be moderation. You need to get your baby to get ready for walking but at the same time you need to be careful, always an eye watching your kid especially when they’re trying to hold something or pull it down.

As a mommy, you would be spending lots of time around the baby trying to get him/her on their feet. Especially when they’re learning how to walk. That’s why you need to consider a couple of tips to make everything go alright. So, here’s:


10 things you need to consider about your walking baby:


  • Keep the eye contact
  • Try to rock your baby
  • Sing and get the baby to listen to some quite music
  • Give your kid the chance when they want to move
  • Share messages and signs
  • Read to your baby
  • Get your kid to develop social skills
  • Provide a variety of food
  • Walking early could mean strong bones
  • It changes everything when the baby walks


As a new time mom, you may be wondering when your kid should experience his very first walk. So usually, at what age do most of the babies start walking?

Well. It varies from a baby to another, and usually, babies start walking between their first 9 to 12 months. And by their 14 or 15 months, they should be walking pretty well.

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How to take care of newborn babies?

After surviving 9 months of pregnancy, it’s time to head home and start your new life with your baby. And to take such a good care of them, you need to consider getting you some help especially after the birth, try as much as possible to handle your newborn specifically if you’re a new time mom, plus bonding and a soothing couple of techniques which helps you to take care of newborn babies.