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Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that causes colors in the joints, and more importantly in the knees, hips and spine.

These pains are due to early and abnormal wear of the cartilage and the joint.Following are remedies for “how to treat osteoarthritis”.

Here are our 5 remedies for osteoarthritis

Thus, whatever the nature or origin of your osteoarthritis, natural solutions exist. They are simple to use, can be integrated into our diet, just know the properties of each food.

Different places of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is often found in several joints of the body:

  • cervical spondylosis
  • knee osteoarthritis
  • lumbar osteoarthritis
  • osteoarthritis of the hip

Now, thanks to grandmother’s remedies, you know what are the little “pluses” to consume, a few pinches here and there, infusions, foods to consume more than others, vegetable oils that are beneficial to your health. Gradually, your pain will disappear and help your body prevent the production of enzymes responsible for the destruction of your cartilage.

You will find mobility, flexibility and can enjoy life to the fullest! Pay attention also to the cause of this chronic condition: if you are overweight, get help from a doctor or a dietician, or if your food is too rich in protein, think to lighten your meals meat (red and white) , eggs. Health comes from within, do not forget it!

Some factors are conducive to the onset of this condition, among them are overweight (solicitation of joints), a diet too rich in protein, lack of sports activity or also the hereditary factor.

So how to deal with these persistent pains that ruin our lives? Fortunately, grandmother has cures for all ailments, including for gout ! Follow the guide!

5 natural remedies for osteoarthritis


Fresh nettles against osteoarthritis:

Fresh nettles, easily found in nature, have amazing properties. Incorporate them in boiling water for ten minutes to get an infusion.

Drink up to three cups a day to soothe neck, spine and hands pain. You will feel relief quickly. If you are more soup, add a cayenne pepper.

Ginger to fight osteoarthritis:

When cooking, add half a tablespoon of ginger, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the cartilage of your joints. After ten days, you will find flexibility and your pain will be almost forgotten!

The same goes for rapeseed oil, fish and sardines, rich in omega 3, which prevents the destruction of your cartilage.

Pepper and turmeric to treat osteoarthritis:

Combine pepper and turmeric in your unsweetened hot drinks, preferably in the morning, in your tea or coffee, for example. Only a few pinches are enough to act effectively against osteoarthritis.

To treat osteoarthritis with cabbages:

Use and abuse cabbage in all its forms (cauliflower, red cabbage, broccoli etc …) but also turnips. To preserve vitamins and active ingredients, consume raw or steamed.

The lawyer to fight osteoarthritis:

If you like avocado, you can eat it before each meal without moderation! With two tablespoons of soy powder and two tablespoons of olive oil, your joints will be (almost) new and your pain will be clearly relieved!