An Integrative Approach to Healing Cancer

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Integrative therapy is a new term little known to the public. It is the perfect combination of conventional medicine and complementary treatments to ensure the cure of a disease and a perfect follow-up of patients. An Integrative Approach to Healing Cancer is particularly effective method. has explained well about this integrative approach such as the essential oils for the prevention and treatment of cancer, Enzyme therapy, ozone therapy, Mushrooms and Diet. You can get a complete guide from to treat the cancer effectively by following this simple integrative approach.

Origin of Integrative Medicine

Andrew Weil and David Einsenberg, two American doctors are the main pioneers of integrative medicine. Appearing in the United States in the 1990s, integrative medicine offers a new vision of health. It is a concept resulting from the observation of the modification of the lifestyles of the human beings, as well on the food and the physical activity as on the well-being and the management of the stress. This new approach to medicine adopts a therapy that pays very close attention to the doctor’s relationship with the patient.

Crossroads of conventional medicine and complementary medicine

In the field of care and health, conventional medicine is the one that is the best known and the most common of all methods. It is a practice of treating patients with medication, therapy or surgery. Complementary medicine (also called soft medicine or unconventional medicine) is a method of care that consists of diagnosing, preventing, treating and curing both physical and mental illnesses based on knowledge, practices and skills based on culture-specific experiences and theories. It includes a panel of therapies and techniques such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga and many more.

Integrative medicine perfectly combines the different forms of therapies adopted in conventional medicine and complementary medicine. This approach that works on the body and mind offers many solutions at all the essential stages of prevention or treatment of a disease. Obtaining a good medical result and procuring the best patient care is the ultimate goal. In this way, integrative medicine uses several medical approaches to a given clinical situation; it brings together different therapeutic practices approved by paramedical practitioners, the medical team and especially the patient.

A reliable approach based on science

Certainly, integrative medicine uses the principles of unconventional medicine. However, it only includes approaches that have been scientifically verified and approved. In fact, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine or NCCAM has clearly stated that integrative medicine combines the therapies of conventional medicine and complementary medicine that have reliable clinical data. Its effectiveness and scientific safety must be of high quality.

Indeed, just like conventional techniques, integrative techniques are gaining more and more attention in university research chairs and complementary approaches are thus being studied in these research institutions.

The patient: the main pillar of healing

In integrative approach, the patient is at the center of the treatment to ensure effective treatment. The establishment of a climate of trust between the patient and the doctor treating him is of the utmost importance in this discipline. In fact, it aims to focus its approach on the patient to ensure a better result. In this way, she takes the doctor or caregiver to know her better and better understand her health (and wit!) So that she can better follow up on her patients afterwards.

The integrative medical approach is thus to acquire as much information as possible about the patient and then direct him to the most appropriate care. In fact, one’s healing and well-being depend on many variables. All the elements that make up his lifestyle must be taken into account (physical activity, diet, sleep, stress, work environment, etc.). All these facets of lifestyle can indeed contribute to the health disorder involved. All the factors that can influence the health of a person are thus considered and analyzed in an integrative medicine approach.

Integrative approach to relieve cancer

Cancer is a chronic disease that is affecting more and more people. However, the treatment of this disease is very expensive and spreads over a very long period. Confronting cancer can cause a huge psychological disorder in patients in addition to the different pain they must already feel.

Numerous studies have shown that integrative medicine has a positive influence on the health status of people suffering from cancer. In particular, they establish that this new medical approach provides both significant and effective relief to pain related to cancer symptoms.

For example, researchers at Oxford University have shown that the pain experienced by cancer patients is reduced to 46% following acupuncture, medical massage, meditation and relaxation. Similarly, these different interventions also played a major role in lowering the anxiety rate by 56%. According to Dr. Jeffery Dusek, a researcher at Oxford University, the effectiveness of the various interventions of integrative medicine is in some cases as notable as the use of drugs. Used in combination, they work even better.