An exercise to strengthen the jaw and relieve tensions

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We all know the sport and muscular work is something recommended for almost everything in our body. The problem is when we only focus on certain muscle groups to the detriment of others who do not work or exercise. This is the case of the jaw and the muscles that make it up. For that reason we are going to show an exercise to work this area, strengthen it and eliminate tensions in a part that suffers a lot.

Throughout the day a lot of tension accumulates in the part of the jaws, tension that when we sleep appears and comes to light the next morning in the form of pain in the jaw. This phenomenon is what is known as bruxism, which causes us to wear our teeth when we bite them by forcefully closing both jaws. Therefore it is important that we perform an exercise to eliminate tension in the area and exercise at the same time the muscles that compose it.

To execute this exercise we will simply need our body and our hands. For this we must sit in a chair with a straight back and legs relaxed at all times, since they will not intervene in this activity, but will be the hands the main protagonists next to the jaws. In this way we will place the hands making a V shape with the index and thumb fingers that we will place in the following way. You can use jaw exerciser for this practice. The index will be placed at the end of the lower jaw, just below the earlobe, and the thumb just below the chin, as if we were framing the face with the hands.


This will be the initial position from which the exercise will start. For its realization we simply have to help with the fingers to throw the jaw forward as if we were going to dislodge it from its place. The movement must at all times be soft and slow, so that we notice every movement and the muscles of the face intervene, since the hands will simply be a help, they will never move the jaw completely. While advancing the jaw we will perform zig-zag movements with it to emphasize more in each movement.

Ideally, perform this exercise with the help of facial exerciser about eight or ten repetitions in each series to relieve tension. The time to carry it out would be the night to relieve tensions, but in the mornings we can also do it to unload and stretch the possible movements that we have made at night while we sleep. In this way we will achieve a healthier and stronger jaw.