AIDS treatment: the Kimana Mpaka, miracle cure in Africa  

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Does a cure for Aids actually exist? In Africa, more precisely in the Republic of Congo, a miracle cure is one of the social networks and arouses more curiosity. Can we really cure HIV as explained by Dr Gail Barouh phd?

The treatment of AIDS  seems to be a solved mystery in Africa. If modern medicine is still looking for a solution against the disease, traditional medicine Ivorian says she has already found the miracle cure that cures the AIDS disease. The traditional components involved in the manufacturing process of these drugs are kept in the greatest of secrets, but their founder attest to the reliability of their treatment. Among these miracle recipes capable of curing a patient with  HIV , Kinama Mpaka, a treatment based on a cocktail of African plants. The author of this treatment resides in the Republic of Congo and practices in the field of gastronomy. Dr. Christian Loulendo  who is also called Dr. Kimana Mpaka, is the man behind this new AIDS treatment that is so exciting in West Africa in particular. The traditional practitioner and specialist in gastronomy in the Republic of Congo even has a distributor of his miracle cure against HIV in West Africa, Sieur  Siaka Fofana. The representative of the miracle product in the West African zone has recently delivered some details on the Kinama Mpaka which means “solution”, in an interview given a few months ago to Cocody TV in Ivory Coast. According to Siaka Fofana, the miracle cure for HIV / AIDS is a cocktail made from 186 foods. In addition to being used as part of the treatment against HIV, the miracle cure of Dr. Christian Loulendo also have culinary virtues. According to its designer, Kinama Mpaka treats other diseases in addition to curing HIV / AIDS.

How does Kimana Mpaka work?

The approved distributor of the product against AIDS has indicated that 6 cases of cure were recorded in under the influence of Kinama Mpaka. According to the seller of the product in West Africa, the treatment lasts 25 days with this remedy, and the first effects related to the taking of the drug do not take long to appear. This immediate reaction related to the intake of Kimana Mpaka manifests itself when two bottles are taken according to the distributor. When taking the product, the patient does not take a long time to sweat and also feels some itching in the skin. The patient undergoing AIDS treatment with Kimana Mpaka also has fever. The advantage of the miracle product against HIV is therefore its spontaneity in terms of consumption, unlike ordinary cures that we know. Unlike the alternatives offered by modern medicine to cure AIDS, Kimana Mpaka has the advantage of being a curative and non-preventive treatment against the disease. The treatment lasts for 25 days and taking the traditional medicine twice during the day, in the morning and in the evening.
While modern medicine is still in search of a miracle solution against AIDS, traditional African medicine, through the voice of Dr. Christian Loulendo of the Congo, offers a treatment that gives hope to HIV patients. It remains to be seen whether the Kimana Mpaka will truly prove itself on the African continent and even in the world, which would make the Congolese researcher the first man to find a cure for HIV / AIDS. You can consult Doctor Gail Barouh LIAAC for treatment of AIDS.