Advantages and limitations of aesthetic medicine

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Botox treatment, remeshing with gold threads, injection of fillers, Medicina Estetica Roma is now attracting more and more followers. Despite its notorious rejuvenating effects, this practice can present some risks.

Aesthetic medicine, an effective anti-aging solution

In a decade, cosmetic surgery has literally exploded. This enthusiasm of the public is mainly due to the evolution of techniques making interventions less heavy while providing a remarkable result. In addition to interventions requiring outpatient hospitalization or a few days, the prowess of injecting botox or other fillers really caused a sensation. Their performance fascinates people who want to put an end to the unsightly appearance of age on their bodies.

The statistics speak for themselves about the obvious public interest in these types of interventions. In France, more than 600,000 cosmetic injections were registered in one year. Half of this figure corresponds to an injection of botox and the other half to the injection of hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle filler or an inert gel. Thanks to these techniques, visual artists can correct the unsightly aspects of the skin surface in a jiffy. The result appears convincing if the intervention is performed by a confirmed surgeon, if not, complications can occur.

The dangers of aesthetic medicine

Victim of its success, aesthetic medicine appears in some cases as dangerous. This situation arises especially when it is practiced by a general practitioner who does not have the same skills as a surgeon or a dermatologist. To better protect consumers, better supervision of this practice is already envisaged. Indeed, unlike specialists, generalists do not necessarily control the operation of different nerves and veins that can be affected during the intervention. Result? The injection may not only have no effect on the problem to be corrected, but May at the same time result in paralysis of the treated area.

If the injection of botox does not present a particular danger, this is not the case for other fillers. The substances based on hyaluronic acid appear safer insofar as they have a resorbable property. According to the indications of the experts, the injection of products containing non-absorbable materials is formally prohibited. The rejuvenating result of these substances remains ephemeral and their side effect such as redness and hematoma remains relatively unattractive. Thus, appealing to aesthetic medicine is a good solution if all the technical, human and material conditions are met.