A better urgent care alternative for non-critical conditions

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Urgent care clinics are becoming increasingly popular, especially with patients who are suffering from non-life threatening illnesses that need prompt medical care, yet are not considered to be in critical condition.  Below are some of the reasons why local residents of Holiday FL prefer doctors urgent care Holiday FL when seeking immediate medical care instead of going to the hospital’s ER.

More affordable than hospitals

A patient can save more financially just by “walking-in” to an urgent care clinic instead of the ER.  For example, a typical doctors urgent care Holiday FL charges anywhere between 50 to 150 dollars, depending on the type of treatment.  There are walk-in clinics for urgent care services that allow co-pays, thereby lowering the cost even further for covered treatments.  Since many urgent care clinics are located within residential and commercial areas, patients can often save on time and fuel as well.

Treatment for non-critical illnesses

Conventional ERs in hospitals provide 5 levels of urgent medical care and are required to render services for every patient.  It has been said that the ER tends to lose its ability to render all levels of treatment to patients because people use the hospital ER even for non-life threatening illnesses.  It is also the reason why ERs are overcrowded with patients, thus putting a heavier strain on ER personnel. Since doctors urgent care Holiday FL offers urgent care for less serious illnesses, most patients would have no need to line up at the hospital ER.  These clinics can provide the same quality of medical care.

No appointment necessary

Medical emergencies such as high fever, animal bites, or difficulty in breathing may occur at night when your primary doctor is unavailable.  Doctors urgent care Holiday FL is open 24 hours, and 7 days a week so that patients can receive immediate care, even late at night.  Patients don’t have to wait to see their Primary Care Physician in order to get treatment, even during weekends or Holidays.  Walk-in and urgent care clinics can serve as a bridge between primary care doctors and emergency rooms.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment

Walk-in clinics are designed to treat minor to moderate conditions and therefore lack the more sophisticated equipment.  However, urgent care clinics can provide the next level of emergency care such as shots for animal bites, as well as sewing stitches and administering casts for broken bones. They also offer X-Ray imaging services and other diagnostic equipment to achieve a proper diagnosis.

Qualified and licensed medical staff

Urgent care clinics have doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians all equipped to deliver quality healthcare to patients seeking treatment for non-critical illnesses. All are qualified and licensed medical personnel and adhere to high ethical standards.  Urgent care clinics such as doctors urgent care Holiday FL are certified by the American Association of Urgent Care and operate under regulating bodies such as the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine.  Therefore, seeking urgent care from an urgent care clinic is a better option than lining up in a crowded hospital ER only to wait for hours.