8 tips for makeup that keeps the whole day

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 Nothing is more annoying than seeing her makeup fade as the hours pass. Fortunately, with the right tricks and products, you can really change the deal.

Lionel Richie was frantically singing “All Night Long” to celebrate the endless celebrations. Day or night, we would like our makeup to do the same and survive our pace of life. There is no benefit to apply makeup if it loses its effect after a small time.  Depending on the quality of the skin, makeup naturally holds more or less well. But we can always improve the outfit with some tricks and miracle products.

Taking care of your skin
This may seem obvious, but a healthy skin will retain the makeup pigments better than a skin that is suffering. No miracle but common sense. Make-up or not, you never zap the face cleaning session morning and evening. Once a week, a facial scrub is added at this stage.  Adapted to its type of skin. It will allow to remove all the dead cells and to refine the grain of skin. Now, the makeup holds all the better on a smooth epidermis.

 Choosing a good moisturizer
Choosing a cream should never happen at random. To be effective, it must meet our expectations in terms of textures and our hydration needs. Dry skin will not use the same cream as a mixed or oily skin. An action that is prepared before anything else by applying floral water that corresponds to our needs. You can use Lavender for mixed and oily skin, chamomile for dry and sensitive skin. Perfectly hydrated, the skin will be more apt to make the make-up last.

Apply a base
To fix his sound foundation , we begin first of all by applying a makeup base. Depending on the brand, it is available in a transparent or colored version. For the second, it is chosen according to its skin (blue for the rashes of the clear skins, green for the rats of the Matt skins, yellow for the black or mixed skin, pink to refresh the clear colors, mauve to neutralize the skins too Yellow).
The base will perfect the hydration and prepare the skin to receive the make-up. When the skin is tired, professional make-up artists trade it with nourishing oil that will relax the traits and re hydrate the epidermis.

Apply its foundation
When you put your make-up on the finger, you interrelate between the skin and the pigments of the particles of fat that make the makeup move. This is especially true for the foundation and beauty . All the more so as it is applied with a brush or a sponge, it will last much longer. To finish, it is fixed with a veil of loose powder.

Fixing eye
Makeup as for the complexion, one favors the applications with the brush. Before applying any make-up whatsoever, a special eyelid fixing base is placed over the entire surface. It will help to prepare the skin to retain the pigments and will at the same time unify the complexion. It will also prevent pigments from migrating into the small folds of the eyelid. Also worth mentioning: Compact powders work better than free powders or creamy textures. After a certain age, we are clearly passing our way.

Well to lay his lipstick
Again, the application will make the difference. For a red that holds the whole evening, one begins by redrawing the contours of the mouth in pencil. Then the interior is slightly colored. In order not to create a vulgar demarcation, one chooses a pencil in the same key as the lipstick . A first layer is applied, the excess of which is removed by biting in a tissue and applying a colorless loose powder coating. Then a second coat is applied. For a glamorous effect that brings back a fixing layer, you can add a transparent gloss.

Choose waterproof products
For skin that retain poor makeup, one can turn to waterproof makeup. Formerly reserved for the summer period, it is now available throughout the year. Eye shadows, eyeliners and mouth, lipstick , everything in waterproof version, and this will not worry about her makeup throughout the day.

Moisten one’s face
one might think that by doing it one degrades one’s makeup, one actually allows it to better adhere to the skin. Of course, we do not talk about spraying ourselves with water. It is rather to spray it at about 30cm of distance with a fixing of make-up or a spray of thermal water. Their particles, Moisturizing agents will come to the rescue of the cells damaged by the external aggression which weaken the make-up. For a fresh blow, we can repeat the operation during the day.