5 health benefits of organic foods

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Everyone knows that junk food is manipulated by chemical engineers , but those substances are not only applied to sweets or foods rich in saturated fats. They also tend to be part of the “natural” elements that human beings consume on a regular basis. These chemicals, whose main function is to preserve food, to be ingested in a prolonged way can infer a lot in the optimal development of the body.
The chemical components most commonly used in food are pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, hormones or antibiotics that in consuming large amounts can cause serious poisonings to our body. This reality affects even more children, who thanks to their smaller physical dimensions, are more likely to be affected by these substances.
In order to help your family put aside those products that may be harmful to your health, we present in this article all the benefits of north organic foods. In general, these avoid the use of chemicals in their production, which, although it makes them less durable and more expensive. The truth is that they greatly enrich the lifestyle of the people. When you discover these benefits, you will surely implement them more in your meals.
1.      They have more nutrients: This benefit is not a simple divination. The truth is that various studies show that organic foods have up to 50% more nutrients than transgenic. This is evidenced in the amount of antioxidants found in a product free of preservatives, and that helps a lot to strengthen the immune system.
By regularly consuming those foods that have pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or hormones, your chances of developing cancer cells increase considerably. Contrary to that, organic foods with their antioxidants stimulate the production of free radicals that counteract the effects of these malignant cells.
2. They taste better: The natural is always better, and that also includes the taste. Fruits and vegetables free of chemical elements that interfere with their natural characteristics have a more intense flavor. This is largely due to the fact that the pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used for their preparation do not affect its composition.

 3. They are safer food: Thanks to the fact that transgenic foods use many chemical products to improve their appearance and prolong their freshness. These artificial elements can be counterproductive to humans. Organic foods are safer because although they keep their own bacteria, all their nutrients intact, which efficiently counteracts any mishap.
In childhood, it is very common to find cases of individuals who have allergies or other diseases because of the food they eat. That has more to do with the genetic modification of food, than with its natural nutrients unaltered. That’s why the solution is not to reduce the consumption of such food, but to opt for an organic solution that helps them prevent those situations.
4. They take care of the environment: The industry destined to mass produce these transgenic foods that use chemicals in their processes are the main causes of environmental contamination. Organic products, on the other hand, although they are very difficult to produce and commercialize in bulk, are a healthy alternative not only for our body, but also for the planet.
It is essential to encourage independent producers of organic fruits and vegetables in order to have more offers of these foods. Choosing this healthy option can greatly benefit the economies of the local farming sector and at the same time have a positive impact on the environment.
5. Best consumption of animal protein: North Country Organic foods are not only limited to fruits and vegetables, but there is also the production of animal protein free of chemicals. The hormones or antibiotics that they give to animals turn out to be even more harmful not only for them, but also for humans. Having access to organic animal protein can be very beneficial for our body, so try to locate products identified with those specifications.