5 benefits of health insurance

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Someone in your family or maybe one of your friends has told you about the advantages of having private health insurance. Although it seems an interesting idea, you doubt because you do not know if, really, you will take advantage of it. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is going to indicate 5 benefits of health insurance that will make you leave doubts and will help you when choosing a good medical policy.

5 benefits of health insurer


  • First of all, you should know that most insurance companies offer you two essential coverage. The first is access to primary care, which includes general medicine, pediatrics, childcare, nursing, and home and ambulatory emergencies in medical centers. The second is the assistance of the specialist in consultation or in the hospital regime, as well as in diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures. Blue Cross Blue Shield Fitbit’ partnership provides the products to its 60 million members at discount rates.
  • The most complete insurances allow you to choose with complete freedom the health professional or hospital you needon each occasion.
  • The third of the 5 benefits of health insurance is the possibility of hiring additional modules and guarantees. The good policies give access, in a complementary way, to modules, which can offer a full service of extra hospitality guarantees. This module facilitates the second diagnosis by hospitals in the United States, and the collection and maintenance of umbilical cord blood and tissue.
  • The best policies allow access to high value services at reduced prices, such as the correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism using laser techniques, also to treatments related to obesity, such as his genetic study, or the placement of the intra-gastric balloon. Other tests that are offered are pediatric tests, such as neonatal screening, an extension of the heel test that is performed on babies and that detects up to 28 metabolic disorders.
  • A very interesting service is telephone medical attention. The most complete policies have general care telephones for consultations about treatments and ailments, also telephone numbers for pediatric care and psychological assistance, which have professionals with extensive experience in these fields.

Now that you know these advantages you will surely have a clearer decision about hiring a medical policy. If so, do not forget the security that will provide you with a solid and trustworthy company.