4 Ways to Stimulate your erection

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Of course, no man is waiting for a flaccid penis when he wants to have sex. At one point too, he will probably want to directly stimulate his erection … But how? Today, there are many tools and ways to stimulate erection: pills, creams, attributes such as the penis pump, therapy of a sexologist … But which approach is preferable?

Four ways to boost your erection

The answer to this question is diverse, simply because the cause of erection problems is diverse. In one the complaints are caused by a physical affection like the heart or vascular diseases, for the other the psychological factors such as the stress plays a role. But also sexual problems like anxiety or a bad lifestyle with smoking or lack of exercise can lead to erectile dysfunction. We give you 4 suggestions to (possibly) stimulate erection. Please note that most methods do not work directly except solutions with pills like PremierZEN Gold 4000.

Additional stimulation

Erection problems are more common in older men. When an impaired hormone system with a lowered desire for sex is the result, you can stimulate your erection with additional stimulation. By watching a sex movie during sex, the use of sex toys or masturbation meanwhile, can do wonders for your sex life.

Improved lifestyle

Smoking causes vasoconstriction. It is a condition that can decrease blood flow to the penis. Because stiffening of the penis is also closely related, it is advisable to stop smoking. Research has shown that worsening erection problems slow down because of quitting. Also, it is proven that more exercise reduces erectile dysfunction.


When the cause of erectile dysfunction is located in anxiety or unrealistic ideas about sex (eg, sex without penetration is not actually sex or real men still have the urge to sex) a sexologist will pudge help you. In time, you can stimulate your erection to follow a therapy aimed at modifying obstructive sexual thoughts. The goal is again to learn to enjoy sex without the pressure of having to perform.


Today on the internet there are many drugs on sale that can stimulate your erection. However, it is advisable to buy genuine drugs for erectile dysfunction at a reliable address. That way, you are assured that you are taking medications with known side effects and side effects, and that you are not taking drugs that are contaminated with dangerous substances. This medicine may come from dubious factories in India or China, where they do not meet European production guidelines.

The most known pill to stimulate erection is PremierZEN Gold 4000.The active substances in these products have a dilating effect on the veins, allowing the blood to flow to the penis. This allows the penis to become stiffer and stay longer. Please note that these medications are only available on prescription. You can get this online through an online medical consultation. Order erection pills online right away, and enjoy a healthy sex life again.