4 tips to take care of your skin in winter

Protecting your skin against wind and frost is very important during the winter months. In serious problems, you can consult to ENT specialists in Rawalpindi. These four tips will help prevent your skin from drying out or peeling, as is often the case in cold weather.

1. Moisturize and nourish the skin

Winter winds sweep away the softness and moisture and leave the skin flaky and dry. The cold air is often dry, which dehydrates the skin. It is especially important to take better care of your skin during the winter months.

  • A weekly exfoliating scrub removes dead skin cells.
  • Use a moisturizer on the face and body to help nourish and protect the skin in cold weather.
  • Choose a body lotion that contains coconut oil, green tea or grape seed and also contains antioxidants that help prevent damage from the winter sun.
  • Sunscreen is a good choice for the whole year. Apply daily to reduce and prevent damage to your skin. Check product labels before buying a face cream or other skin product to make sure they provide sunscreen.
  • Use warm water instead of hot shower water. Exposure to hot water increases the loss of hydration of the skin.

2. Care for hands and feet

In winter, your hands are particularly vulnerable to cold, dry weather because they are often exposed to the elements.

  • Protect them with a hand cream to prevent the skin from cracking or drying in places, and wear gloves or mittens to minimize exposure to cold.
  • Take care to hydrate your hands and feet in the winter, and take the time to do a manicure and a pedicure.

3. Take care of your lips

The lips can crack and be very dry in winter when exposed to cold air.

  • Use an outdoor lip balm, especially if you are skiing or other winter sports.
  • Wearing a scarf to reduce wind exposure will also help prevent your lips from getting damaged.

4. Eat well

One of the best ways to protect your skin (regardless of the weather) is to have a healthy diet full of vitamins, especially vitamin C.

  • Choose fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals to protect your skin.
  • A good diet helps to rejuvenate the skin and also keeps you healthy.

If you follow these suggestions and include simple skin care in your daily routine, your skin will stay healthy all winter long.


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