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Few things are more personal for a woman than her perfume. It is a hallmark of identity, almost like the color of your eyes or the touch of your hands. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing one. In this post we want to share 4 tips to buy a woman’s best cheap perfume and make the right choice. Do not miss them.

Tips for buying a perfume for women

1: Difference between perfume and cologne

You have to be careful with what you buy, since a perfume is not the same as a cologne. In fact, we have cologne water, Toilet water, perfume water and perfume, depending on the colony concentration. The colony lasts less because it has a low concentration of perfume. On the contrary, the fragrance of the perfume lasts all day, because its concentration is higher.

2: Space tests

Just as a dish does not taste exactly the same to you if you just tried something else, your nose can catch smells bad if you’ve already tried several perfumes in a short space of time. Therefore, we advise you not to go in a hurry. It is better to take several samples of perfume home to smell them quietly, leaving time between test and test so that your nose catches all the notes.

3: Test in the right places

Not all sites are equally good for perfuming. The fragrances are best appreciated if they are placed in warm areas of the body (the heat causes the fragrance to be released little by little). You will see that many women put the perfume on the inside of the wrist. Truly, this is the best place to do it.

4: Go buy together

If you are going to buy clothes with your friends or with your partner, why do not you ask them to accompany you to choose your perfume? A second opinion never hurts, and you can discover that the perfume that you like so much is unbearable for other people. Although, as always, the last word must be yours.

In general, cologne is cheaper than perfume, unless we talk about equivalence perfumes , which offer the same fragrance as brand ones at a much lower price.