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You’re probably reading this article because deep down you’ve always known there was something fishy about the BILLION-dollar monster we call the skincare industry. With new companies, products and trends coming out daily how do we know what to really buy. Some make these “one size fits all” products and others try and put you ….  Read More

How to know the purity of essential oils

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The essential oils are natural products extracted from various plants used in therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. They are lotions that preserve the natural chemical compounds of plants, indicated for the treatment of some ailments, discomforts or diseases. However, the interest in aromatherapy has increased so much that there are many companies that sell essential oils of poor quality, which are not pure ….  Read More


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If cannabis is used in medical treatments today, it is because of these components. Among these is Cannabidiol, an active ingredient that is highly sought after for its many medical benefits. But what exactly? And what are the virtues? That is why will show you all the properties and benefits of CBD in this Health Tip article! MOLECULE PRESENT IN ….  Read More

An Integrative Approach to Healing Cancer

An Integrative Approach to Healing Cancer

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Integrative therapy is a new term little known to the public. It is the perfect combination of conventional medicine and complementary treatments to ensure the cure of a disease and a perfect follow-up of patients. An Integrative Approach to Healing Cancer is particularly effective method. has explained well about this integrative approach such as the essential ….  Read More