Month: September 2018

  • Health Benefits of Mangosteen

    The mangosteen is a tropical evergreen plant and its fruit is identified by purple skin and fleshy pulp. This fruit contains few calories because 100 grams of mangosteen contains just over 60 calories, 2% fat and no cholesterol. It is composed of proteins, carbohydrates and fibers, particularly useful for the intestinal tract. The mangosteen contains a […]

  • How to prevent alcoholism

    prevent Alcoholism

    Do not you want to have any problem with alcohol? Alcoholism Rehabilitation discover some useful tips that will help you in the prevention of alcoholism easily. The alcoholism is a disease that, as surely know, is characterized by uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic to a certainly excessive level that usually can endanger the health of the individual. In this […]


    Generally companies send their workers to perform occupational medical examinations in order to comply with the regulations that govern the realization of them, such as: Resolution 2346 of 2007, Resolution 1918 of 2009 and Decree 1443 of 2014 for the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, without stopping to think about the […]

  • 10 reasons why Pole Fitness is one of the best exercises

    If one of your purposes was exercise this year. We share an option that surely you will fulfill this time. You can achieve your goals through a fun activity that brings various benefits with it, both physical and emotional. Leave fear aside, disinhibit and enjoy 100% of Pole Fitness NYC. The Pole Fitness is a high performance activity, including strength, endurance, aerobic conditioning, flexibility […]

  • How sketchy medical is important in medical Field ?

    This term might be new for you but nothing to worry we will explain everything related to this term in the following article. If we say that this is a new technique of teaching so it won’t be wrong. In sketchymedical, you will find comprehensive medical videos. Via illustrations of catchy and unique scenes, they […]

  • Plastic surgery in Thailand

    Expanding number of ladies around the globe improve their appearance by cosmetic surgery. There isn’t a body part that you can’t fixed somehow any longer. Jaw, nose, breasts, abdomen, arms for example are under surgeon to make the picture in the mirror be more satisfying. In any case, the cost for plastic medical surgery may […]