Month: July 2018

Differences among Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Gastric Band

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In this section you can find all the current surgical alternatives for the treatment of overweight and obesity such as Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy), Gastric Bypass and Adjustable Gastric Band. You can check gastric band, bypass or sleeve? cost abroad here. GASTRIC SLEEVE (Sleeve Gastrectomy) Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy) is a technique that involves ….  Read More


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The red tea detox burns fats, is something you should have heard other times but maybe they did not explain why. In the following article we will explain why detox red tea is effective to burn fat , in addition to other beneficial properties such as regulating cholesterol, detoxifying the body , preventing intestinal infections. Did you know that it is great against the hangover? Or what taken after ….  Read More

THC for the e-cigarette?

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Of course, the idea of ​​consuming THC with the e-cigarette is not new. The various recipes circulate online on how to produce the appropriate liquids from dried plant components. In addition, a number of smaller manufacturers have come up with special thc vape cartridges that are suitable for filling with the most diverse physical states of THC- rich basic material. The most well-known ….  Read More

Advantages and limitations of aesthetic medicine

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Botox treatment, remeshing with gold threads, injection of fillers, Medicina Estetica Roma is now attracting more and more followers. Despite its notorious rejuvenating effects, this practice can present some risks. Aesthetic medicine, an effective anti-aging solution In a decade, cosmetic surgery has literally exploded. This enthusiasm of the public is mainly due to the evolution of techniques making interventions ….  Read More