Month: April 2018

  • The benefits of sports massage in cycling

    Every day, it is more usual to go to the sports masseur to relieve the pains, overloads, contractures, breaks or muscle impingement that we may suffer. However, the vast majority of people only go to the masseuse when the pain is already unbearable or when it has increased more than usual due to cycling, this being […]

  • How to increase endurance level in a man?

    How many men think that endurance helps them boost self esteem in the bedroom? How many men think that endurance can help create a better, more pleasurable sex life? How many men think that endurance can make women surrounding them crave sex? Many men. The answer to all of these questions is many men. And […]

  • Best Ways to Burn Fat Quickly

    Lose weight! Everyone has a reason to want to burn his fat and, preferably, as quickly and permanently. For this, everyone thinks they have the ideal system for a quick and efficient result. If the tips differ from each other, everyone seems to agree on certain points such as, in order to lose weight quickly and sustainably burn […]

  • The benefits of safflower oil  

    A unique support for weight loss, cholesterol reduction, muscle toning and strengthening of immunity The safflower oil is being studied for its many properties as its support to burn fat accumulated in addition to releasing a substance that helps reduce appetite by sending the brain controls satiety; but what is most interesting for those who train hard is its ability […]



    Choosing a yoga retreat is not always easy. We quickly get lost with all the offers available on the market! To help you, here are 3 tips to follow if you also want to associate the discovery for Ashtanga Yoga Retreats in Europe during your next vacation! 1. The choice of the destination You can start by […]

  • A Look at the Evolution of the Razor

    Do you know the razor that has become a crucial component of your personal care has a super long, super interesting history? We guess not! So let us walk you through the different types of razors the world has witnessed as the razor evolved from something like a sharp, blunt stone to a significantly safer, […]


    The military diet or the 3-day diet is a diet plan that follows a cycle of 3 days of food and 4 days of rest. With this diet you will not only be able to lose weight quickly and burn fat, it is believed to help improve your metabolism and your vital energy. The military diet is one […]

  • How to change your diet will change your life and make you happier

    If you are looking for a way to change your life without having to work on the mental aspect of your personality, then this article will interest you. Because I will show you how to radically lifestylechange and make you happier, better in your skin, simply by changing your eating habits. In short, here are five principles and […]

  • The Desirability of Body Cleansing

    Addiction is the bodily malfunction that disturbs the brain process of any person. It will affect the physical and neurological system of any individual. Under this neurological process, the addicted victim need for sex, food and other pleasant things. This will also happen during drug cravings in the users. Detox is an important and initial […]

  • Five Tips to Prolong Your Tan

      Find all Tanoholic tips to keep a tanned complexion for a long time. To moisturize your skin It is very important to moisturize your skin after exposure to the sun and even long after. This makes it possible to avoid peeling and having the effect “lizard skin”. The better it is treated, the more the skin will keep […]