Month: October 2017

What are hypnosis and its applications?

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The term hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hupnoein” which means to sleep. However, hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep and is rather a state of “relaxed hyper concentration “, it is based primarily on suggestions techniques. In hypnosis, the unconscious occupies the foreground, leaving the conscious or the usually hyperactive mind on the back burner. Thanks to the techniques ….  Read More

Hamstring exercises for women

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Located at the level of the back of the thighs, the hamstring muscles are too often neglected, whether by the muscular practitioners or by the competitive athletes. It is essential to strengthen this muscle group, whether to re-balance your muscles or to avoid injuries. So here are some hamstring exercises for women to muscle your ischios, and ….  Read More

What is Ceylon Cinnamon?

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Ceylon cinnamon tree, also known as “true cinnamon tree” is a small tree which belongs to the family Lauraceae, native to the tropical island called Sri Lanka, situated in South Asia.Its inner bark has been used to produce Ceylon cinnamon bark.True Cinnamon trees (Cinnamomumverum)are 10-15 meters tall. The leaves are oval in shape, and flowers are arranged ….  Read More