Month: October 2017

  • What is Physical Therapy who are Physical Therapist

    Physical therapy, also called physiotherapy in short, is that branch of medicine, which makes use of some physical agents or exercises to treat a disease or an injury.  More strictly, it is a branch of rehabilitation medicine. Physical therapists are medical experts who are specialized in treating the functional disabilities and problems by physical therapy, […]

  • Personal Injuries: Know What You Rights Are

    We all go through life hoping that no serious problems are not going to pop up. However, that is not always the case. There are times when unexpected problems appear, and it is knowledge on what to do in that situation that ensures our survival.   All this is especially important for personal injuries. Some […]

  • How to grow your hair faster?

      Months that you have not cut your hair so that finally they reach the middle length of the back of which you dream since your eight years … And yet, you see it well: they do not push anymore. False. In reality, they grow, but slowly. The Hair Regrowth through the root, which develops under the […]

  • 6 pills and dietary supplements to lose weight

    There are different ways to lose weight. It can include all kinds of pills and natural dietary supplements. They are all supposed to help you lose weight, or at least help you lose weight more easily, when used with other methods. They tend to follow one or more of the following mechanisms: Reduce appetite, make […]

  • What are the best natural appetite suppressants?

    Your diet and, in particular, your ability to control the quality and quantity of food eaten each day is the key to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight. It sounds simple enough, but in practice, even the best of intentions can fail … If you are often hungry after a meal, if you have sweet […]

  • What are hypnosis and its applications?

    The term hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hupnoein” which means to sleep. However, hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep and is rather a state of “relaxed hyper concentration “, it is based primarily on suggestions techniques. In hypnosis, the unconscious occupies the foreground, leaving the conscious or the usually hyperactive mind on the back burner. Thanks to the techniques […]

  • How to choose a quality personal trainer?

    Unfortunately, most people do not know how to assess the qualities of a good personal trainer. Most people use the price as a measure of comparison and are mainly motivated by getting a “good deal”. By choosing a coach only on the price, you may lose your money. With a poor quality personal trainer, you will not get the […]

  • Ginseng Dosage: How to Reap Optimal Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng?

    Nature has stored everything in her lap to provide us a healthy living. Ginseng, Korean ginseng (Red/Panax ginseng), in particular, is such a blessing of nature that can make our life healthy and blissful. It keeps our spirit high. Whatever be your requirement, boosting mental clarity, warding off stress, or enhancing energy level, Korean ginseng […]

  • Hamstring exercises for women

    Located at the level of the back of the thighs, the hamstring muscles are too often neglected, whether by the muscular practitioners or by the competitive athletes. It is essential to strengthen this muscle group, whether to re-balance your muscles or to avoid injuries. So here are some hamstring exercises for women to muscle your ischios, and […]

  • What is Ceylon Cinnamon?

    Ceylon cinnamon tree, also known as “true cinnamon tree” is a small tree which belongs to the family Lauraceae, native to the tropical island called Sri Lanka, situated in South Asia.Its inner bark has been used to produce Ceylon cinnamon bark.True Cinnamon trees (Cinnamomumverum)are 10-15 meters tall. The leaves are oval in shape, and flowers are arranged […]