Month: September 2017

  • Fixing a Bad Hair Transplant

      A bad hair transplant can be as traumatic, or even more so than having no hair at all. A bad transplant is usually caused by out-dated transplant methods or inexperienced surgeons. Even though the days of ‘pluggy’ looking transplants or doll’s hair are long gone, often the results of hair transplants are not aesthetically pleasing, or […]


      Nowadays, many people shampoo quite often, but they still suffer from the itchy scalp. It is a condition of the scalp with signs of itchy irritation and scalp; moreover, the persistent itching may be accompanied by dandruff, hair loss, and even scalp hair loss. Itchy scalp does not cause any danger to the body; […]

  • Arthroplasty or Hip Prosthesis

    Hip arthroplasty , or placement of a total hip replacement, involves replacing a diseased hip with an artificial joint. This is one of the most reliable interventions of orthopedic surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to relieve the pain and improve the mobility of the damaged joint. It can allow you to resume activities that were no longer feasible with […]

  • Software that wants to replace doctors

    The application of the British start-up Babylon allows listening to the description of the symptoms to deliver medical advice without human intervention. Systems, such as IBM Watson, diagnoses lung cancer more reliably and there are other Medical Practice Management Software which helps in the management of the hospital. What if the doctors were replaced by supercomputers? Some […]

  • How to lose weight in a short time

    Eat more fiber, while decreasing your intake of fats and carbohydrates. Remember to drink two liters of water a day, and combine your diet with physical activities to get results faster. It often happens that we want to lose weight as quickly as possible to attend an important event where we want to be able to wear the […]

  • Pregnancy symptoms: Top 10 early signs of pregnancy

    Pregnancy signs are different for each woman. These signs appear on very variable dates. In some women, these first signs of pregnancy appear very soon but other women feel them much later. There are many symptoms which indicate the first signs of pregnancy. These are due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy. Top 10 Early […]

  • Benefits and Side Effects of Prebiotics

    Prebiotics are food particles which are non-digestible simple sugar carbohydrates that are found in vegetables and grains.  These enter our colons and remain un-altered by the digestion system. The Beneficial bacteria, which live in our intestine, need these ingredients for survival. These prebiotics help to promote their growth in intestine. Types of Prebiotics Prebiotics are […]

  • 7 Great Tips on Choosing Your Incontinence Products

    Incontinence is a problem that is not simple in any way because it comes with mental and physical changes that a person has to endure. To learn that your body is no longer capable of functioning correctly has the ability to cause challenges ranging from self-esteem issues to full blown depression. There are many decisions […]