Month: April 2017

  • Top 10 shoelace styles in the World

    Following are 10 famous shoelace styles which are easy to adopt and looks nice.. The method for lacing “crossing” The crossover lacing method is certainly the most widespread in Europe. It is simple, easy to carry out and without frivolity. The lace crosses above and below the passers-by up to the top of the shoe. The […]

  • Give Your Closet Personality with Hip Clothes 

    Spring into summer this year with a little extra spring in your step by adding a little more personality to your bedroom closet. Spring is the best time to think about moving things around a little and freshening things up a bit. Take for example you bedroom closet. When was the last time you completely […]

  • Benefits of Dohm Sound Machine for Better Sleep

    Benefits of Dohm Sound Machine for Better Sleep

      For some people, noise is the concrete mixer, for others it is a squeaking of the brakes or the dripping water tap. It is a noise that somehow disturbs. How do you fight such a noise? Sure: with even more noise. The sound is called “White Noise”. It is uniform across all frequencies. There are people who swear by […]

  • AMD: Signs You May Need a Eyesight Test

      What are the first signs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)? What are the symptoms that should alert you? What screening is needed? Discover all the answers to protect you from the leading cause of blindness in western countries. AMD is a disease related to the aging of the central zone in the Eye. It appears most often after […]

  • 8 tips for makeup that keeps the whole day

     Nothing is more annoying than seeing her makeup fade as the hours pass. Fortunately, with the right tricks and products, you can really change the deal. Lionel Richie was frantically singing “All Night Long” to celebrate the endless celebrations. Day or night, we would like our makeup to do the same and survive our pace of life. […]