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Beautiful and healthy skin deserves attention every day. Remembering to follow the recommendations of some of the best skin clinics in the world will put you on the right track to glowing skin. For soft, supple and radiant skin, here are ten tips you should include in your lifestyle.

1: Protect your skin from the sun to preserve its health

While the sun can be a positive influence on radiant skin, exposing yourself to the rays without protecting yourself is a bad idea. Applying sunscreen with an appropriate sun factor for your type of skin is a must. As is renewing the application very regularly. It is also advisable to stay in the shade when the hottest parts of the day arrive

2: Depending on your skin type, use less abrasive products for your skin.

If you get dry skin on your body especially after showering, be sure to choose a gentle soap-free body wash. Some chemicals in shower products are too abrasive and mositure stripping which may cause  uncomfortable dry skin.

3: Take a shower rather than a bath

Your skin prefers showers to baths. Your skin will be less dehydrated. Setting the water to a warm temperature is also preferable to hot. For fans of the bath, once in a while is absolutely fine, but don’t stay too in there long. After a bath, your hands look like 80-year olds hands for a reason!

4: Dab rather than rub

No, that trendy dance isn’t good for your skin. This is how you should be drying your skin. Before jumping out of the shower, rinse yourself off thoroughly to remove all traces of shower gel. Then quickly dry your skin by dabbing the towel over your body rather than vigorously rubbing the towel to dry yourself. This can be abrasive and drying to the skin.

5: we adopt the hydration reflex here is a reflex to adopt each day.

After delicately padding yourself down with your  towel, don’t forget to moisturize. Using a suitable cream will help restore the hydrolipidic film of your epidermis. In plain English, this simply means rehydrating your skin.

6: Wrap up warm in the cold

Ever noticed that your skin doesn’t particularly like the cold of winter? It’s not just the cold but also the elements like the wind which can dry out your skin. Remember to bundle up as soon as temperatures drop. Don’t forget your extremities like your hands which are particularly sensitive.

7: Your skin needs to be well hydrated – get plenty of water in

Be sure to drink enough water – about 1.5 liters a day. A glass of water a day sets you up nicely for the day and forms a habit. But, contrary to popular belief, things like tea and coffee also hydrate you and help meet your daily water needs.

8: Eating a balanced, healthy  diet

This benefits your whole body including your skin. In particular eating five antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables every single day maintains the beauty and health of your skin.

9: Get adequate high-quality sleep

Sleep well and it will show in your skin. To meet the needs of your body, try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Shortening the length of your sleep will not provide adequate recovery for your skin. This necessary rest period is actually inscribed in our genes.

10: Stop smoking

Most smokers know by now that tobacco is not friends with your skin but it’s always worth ramming the message home. Smoking makes your skin look dull and accelerates aging with free radical damage from the toxins contained in your cigarette. A pretty good argument to successfully extinguish your last cigarette don’t you think?