10 reasons why Pole Fitness is one of the best exercises

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If one of your purposes was exercise this year. We share an option that surely you will fulfill this time. You can achieve your goals through a fun activity that brings various benefits with it, both physical and emotional. Leave fear aside, disinhibit and enjoy 100% of Pole Fitness NYC.

The Pole Fitness is a high performance activity, including strength, endurance, aerobic conditioning, flexibility and coordination. It also helps to exercise the muscles, as these work constantly to support the weight of your body on the bar.


It is considered a sport with great benefits at the physical level. This is because it is a very complete discipline, which involves the use of the body in its entirety.

Check out the ten benefits of this activity:

  1. In a session you can burn 400 to 800 calories, depending on the intensity of the training.
  2. The abdomen, back, arms and legs are worked to the maximum.
  3. It is an activity that influences emotions, since movements raise self-esteem and reduce stress.
  4. Help in eliminating toxins
  5. It stimulates the metabolism, so it helps with weight loss.
  6. Increase lung and heart capacity.
  7. Shape and tone your body.
  8. Increase flexibilityand coordination
  9. Correct the positionof your body, because it must be aligned to make the turns.
  10. It is a very complete discipline, which makes you feel more free, sureof yourself and fully both physically and emotionally.


No matter your age, weight or complexion, Pole Fitness classes are an excellent option to stay active with a dynamic of free body expression. Besides being in shape, you can see yourself and feel very sexy; but do not forget that perseverance is a primordial element to achieve the desired results. Cheer up to practice it!

Remember that before carrying out any physical activity, it is important to start with a warm up and finish with stretching exercises to avoid injuries.