How to choose suitable fitness clothing?

Have you just signed up for a fitness club or would like to play sports at home? In any case, you must get activewear, adapted to the activity that you will practice. To do this, follow our advice…

Choosing fitness clothes: 5 mistakes to avoid

Before starting a sports activity, there are some pitfalls to avoid regarding your outfit. You can wear the sportswear that you like, provided you follow a few rules:

  • Avoid cottonfor intensive use because it tends to absorb moisture instead of evacuating it. Result: heavier fitness clothes, and a feeling of cold at the end of the effort.
  • Avoid tight clothingbecause they can cause discomfort and skin irritation.
  • Do not wear too-wide outfitsas they may hinder your movement or the mechanism of some weight machines.
  • Also beware of pants with flared socks, for the same reasons
  • Do not wear street shoes, but rather appropriate sneakers. Basketball is not necessary for soft gymnastics.

The main thing is to feel comfortable in your sportswear and to wear comfortable and practical clothes. From top to shoes, to underwear, all your clothes must be suitable for the activity you practice.

Tips for choosing the right sports outfit

  • Prefer breathable materialsto wick away perspiration.
  • If you sweat profusely, know that there are antibacterialmaterials that can fight against bad odors.
  • Try on your fitness clothesbefore buying them, to make sure you choose the clothes you feel comfortable with.
  • Pay special attention to your shoes.
  • Wear a suitable braor, for more comfort, a sports bra, to keep your chest so that it does not sag. This type of underwear reduces the vertical movements of the chest by 70% on average, thus limiting tension on the ligaments. Prefer spandex for comfort and antiperspirant materials. You can buy right sports outfit from

Do fitness with style!

Forget your prejudices, fitness is not incompatible with fashion ! You can very well practice fitness and wear trendy and stylish fitness clothes. However, this outfit must correspond to the activity you perform. Here, we offer 3 outfits: one for a choreographed activity, one for a Wellness activity and one for a cardio practice.

Held to practice a choreographed activity

  • A jersey tank, comfortable and lightweight.
  • Basic leggings not too tight and tightened down, for better support.
  • Bi-Flex shoes high and rising, for a good support of the ankle.

Held to practice a Wellness activity (yoga, Pilates, gym ball …)

  • An organic cotton tank top, practical and eco-friendly.
  • A corsair with a belt to return, for maximum comfort.
  • A soft and enveloping yoga wrap, to warm you during the relaxation.

Held to practice a cardio activity (treadmill, elliptical bike …)

  • A lightweight and antiperspirant tank top.
  • A practical and comfortable shorts.
  • Shock-absorbing and breathable shoes.
  • A bra, for a good support of the chest.

Now you’re ready to practice fitness! Above all, do not hesitate to wear colorful fitness clothes during the summer!

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